Introducing our 2018 Women's Singles' Champion ..... Vicki Bartrop.

Women's Singles final ready to go! Pres & Marker Di McBryde, the finalists & Umpire Bev Barton
Photograph:David Hagley
David Hagley, Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Women's Singles Championship final was held at the club on Thursday 10th May and this year's Champion, for the second consecutive year, is Vicki Bartrop.   Vicki had a stunning win over a very gallant Rhonwen Martin in a game that was of the highest of standards.    From the start of the official rollup ends it was apparent that we were in for a beauty, and so it was.  

As Rhonwen rolled the jack for the first end, the clouds parted and the day was perfect for both the players and members watching this eagerly awaited final from either inside or out of the clubhouse.   The very first end was tight with first one and then the other edging nearer and nearer the jack.  One to Vicki in a tight measure and this set the scene for most of the day.   Rhonwen played a beautiful on-shot with her last in the second to take the jack back from Vicki to pick up two and another in the third indicated to all that she had brought her recent fine form to the final.   And so it went, to and fro' over the next few ends with both players wishing, if they couldn't win the end, to give nothing other than a single to the other.    Three singles on the 6th, 7th and 8th ends to Rhonwen had Vicki looking skyward for divine intervention.    Rhonwen had now regained the lead and led 6-5 going into the 9th.  

But, the tenacious Vicki kept producing bowls that were truly incredible.   Rhonwen time and time again nestled bowls on or near the jack only to see Vicki, particularly with her last, take it away or draw a resting toucher.    Amazing as it sounds Vicki did not allow Rhonwen another shot in the match after the 8th and picked up her second Club Singles Championship title on the trot with a magnificent 25-6 win.  

Truly, the score bears no reflection of the hardfought game that the two girls played and Vicki will be the first to admit that she didn't get it her own way.   You may say that Rhonwen didn't get the rub of the green, that's somewhat true, but then again Vicki didn't let her.   Vicki's form was outstanding and she thoroughly deserves the Champion's mantle.  Rhonwen's was also very good, but unfortunately for Rhonwen, outstanding on the day beats very good!    

Congratulations to both ladies for their performance throughout the tournament and particularly to Vicki for her Championship win.   


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Women's Singles Finalists - Champion Vicki Bartrop & Runner Up Rhonwen Martin

Vicki Bartrop, 2018 Women's Singles Champion

2018 Women's Singles Runner Up, Rhonwen Martin

Watched by Rhonwen Vicki delivers early in the final.