Notice of 59th AGM of the SIB&RC Ltd - 11am Sun 17th Sept 2017 & 2016 AGM Minutes

Tony Tinworth, Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Annual General Meeting of members of the Club will be held on Sunday 17th September 2017

Notice of the meeting can be accessed by clicking here

And the 2016 AGM Minutes of the SIB&RC Ltd (which will require approval at this year's AGM) are reproduced below for your review, information and acceptance at this year's forthcoming AGM on 17th September.  



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PRESENT:       Life members present were Anita Hain and Mike Doyland. Including the life members, there were 40 male bowling members and 22 female bowling members, a total of 62 bowling members. Additionally, there were 3 social members for a total attendance of 65.


QUORUM:       The Chairman, Kevin Latham inquired as to the presence of a quorum. The Secretary advised that a quorum was 10% of current life and bowling members (225/10 = 23) and that number, 23, was well exceeded by the voting members present.


MEETING DECLARED OPEN:             The Chairman declared the meeting open at 11.00am, welcomed life members by name, welcomed other members present and asked the Secretary to speak to the list of apologies received.  The Secretary stated that all apologies would be listed in the AGM Minutes, however he noted the apologies received from life members Pat Cousley, John and Jo Younghusband and Ian Sargeant.


APOLOGIES: Apologies were received from 22 members in total.  See the attached Attendance Register.


MINUTES of PREVIOUS MEETING:       At the request of the Chairman the Secretary noted that the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 13th September, 2015 had been made available to the membership on the Club's web site and in hard copy format distributed at the AGM.


MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES:        There was no discussion on the minutes.


MOTION #1     It was moved by Ross Johnson and seconded by Sam Johnston that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of St Ives Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd held here on 13th September 2015 be adopted. The motion was carried unanimously.


CHAIRMANS REPORT:         The Chairman advised that all members would have received the published Annual Reports and Balance Sheet of the club for the year ended 30th June 2016, which included the reports of Chairman, Treasurer, Membership and House Directors. It is convention that, at this point, the Chairman reads out his report. On this occasion however, he advised that he would only read part of the report and he referred to the  Club's 2016 operating surplus of $88,724 which although slightly down on the previous year of $101,523 provided the Club with a sound financial position.  The Chairman also said that membership numbers continued to be healthy and the Club offered an active and full bowls program.  The Chairman singled out for particular praise the achievement of the Women's Bowling Club Grade 4 Pennants Team for reaching the finals of the competition and playing in the State Pennant Playoff for the first time in 57 year history of the Club.  The Chairman also apologised for referring to Board Members Mike Doyland and Peter Larcombe as Vice Presidents and not Deputy Chairman in his report and omitting to thank the Coaches and Umpires for their tireless effort and contribution throughout the year.  The Chairman ended by saying that the Club had enjoyed a very good year and was well positioned to move forward.


OTHER REPORTS:       The Chairman indicated that he did not intend to invite individual Directors to speak on their reports contained in the Annual Reports and Balance Sheet but encouraged members to read the reports, which were available on the Club’s website.


MOTION # 2    It was moved by Bob Talbot and seconded by Dudley Wrigley “that the reports of the Chairman, the Treasurer and individual Directors, the Directors’ Report and the Directors’ Declaration as published in the Club’s Annual Report for 2016 be adopted”.  In moving the motion, Bob Talbot also praised the Chairman's hard work and contribution to the Club's success. The motion was carried unanimously


FINANCIAL REPORTS:       The Chairman moved on to reception and consideration of the Auditor’s Report and the Statement of Financial Position and Financial Performance for the year ended 30th June 2016.  These have been published in the Annual Report and have been widely distributed. The Treasurer, Tim Walton, made a short statement in which he thanked all those Members who had assisted with the compilation of financial reports and other financial related matters throughout the past Financial Year. The Treasurer noted the sound financial position enjoyed by the Club but highlighted that the majority of the Club's revenue came from the bowling membership and like many other clubs, bowling membership was struggling to increase resulting in a need to bolster the revenue from the social membership through bar takings, poker machine surpluses etc. Finally, the Treasurer stressed his appreciation of the efforts of all the Club's volunteers.     



MOTION #3     It was moved by Adrian Needham and seconded by Bev Barton “That the Auditor’s Report and the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2016 for the St Ives Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd as published be adopted”. The motion was carried unanimously.


MOTION #4     The Secretary explained that the Club's Constitution does not require that the Auditor be approved each year however, as it is on the Agenda he called for a motion  “That , Alan Bentwich of Bentwich & Co. be re-appointed Auditor for the St Ives Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd until such time as he is removed or resigns." The motion was moved by Ross Johnson and seconded by Alwyn Ellem.  The motion was carried unanimously.



ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   The Chairman advised that he and other Directors should now stand down in accordance with Section 53(a) of the Constitution and that he and other directors were eligible for re-election. At the request of the Chairman, the Secretary took the Chair.




ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN:     The Secretary advised that "There was only one nomination for the position of Chairman. Kevin Latham has been nominated by two financial bowling members and he has consented to the nomination. As he is the sole nomination for the position I am obliged to declare him elected as Chairman of this Club in accordance with Section 50(d) of the Constitution, However, before proceeding I seek an informal vote of approval as Chairman of his election". On the voices Kevin's election to the position of Chairman was approved unanimously. The Secretary declared Kevin Latham elected to the position of Chairman, congratulated him and asked him to resume the Chair.


CHAIRMANS ACCEPTANCE: Kevin then gave a short acceptance speech in which he welcomed a new Board, noted the sound financial position of the Club and its strong values and culture.  Kevin also reminded members of the importance of attracting new membership and that all members could play their part in this regard.  Kevin also raised the major issue of the Clubhouse renovations and noted that a conceptual plan and cost estimates would soon be presented, initially to the Board  and then to the membership and stressed his belief that offering a more attractive venue for social members was fundamental to the long term viability of the Club.   A full copy of Kevin's speech is attached.




The Chairman then addressed the meeting with the following:-


                          "There are 8 nominations for the remaining 8 positions on the Board.  All are financial bowling members, all have been nominated and seconded by financial bowling members and all have consented to their nomination.


                         The Nominees are:-

  • Jenni Bradley
  • Michael Richard Doyland
  • Ray Gleeson
  • Ross Johnson
  • Michael Heath
  • Anthony (Tony) Lee
  • Robert John Talbot
  • Diane McBryde


                         As the number of nominations is equal to the number of positions to be filled I declare the above members elected to the Board for the coming year"


As the number of nominees was equal to that of the respective vacancies, a ballot was no longer necessary and in terms of Section 50(d) of the Constitution the above nominated members were elected.








PRESENTATION OF BADGES:   The Chairman then congratulated all Directors and welcomed new Board Members  Jenni Bradley, Ray Gleeson, Michael Heath and Diane McBryde. and presented them with their Director's Badge


COMPLETION OF OFFICIAL BUSINESS:     The Chairman advised that this completed the official business of the Annual General                     Meeting of the Club, but said that he would open the meeting to general discussion.                    He emphasised that any suggestions would be considered by the Board but he could                        not receive motions without notice. 




Comment:       Kuno von Pralitz spoke to the condition of green number 3 and suggested it should be removed and replaced.  Kuno also noted the condition of the Club's P.A. system.


Response:      The Chairman spoke of the excellent work by Peter Larcombe who was the previous Board member responsible for the greens and asked Peter to address the meeting.  Peter acknowledged the concerns and spoke of the plans for remediation of green 3, being core analysis and shaving which would be undertaken later in the year when the warmer weather would provide the best opportunity for new growth.


Comment:       Peter Douglas raised the issue of access to green 1 now that the main ramp was chained off and only available to the greenkeepers.  Peter raised concerns over the new steps and adjacent bowling bag ramp and asked if the main ramp could once again be made available to members.


Response:      The Chairman reminded the meeting that a number of members had fallen while using the main ramp and once again asked Peter Larcombe to speak to the issue.  Peter stated that despite applying a non-slip surface to the main ramp and additional railings a club member had experienced a serious fall and sustained injuries and it was then decided to construct the new stair and bowling bag ramp and only make the main ramp available to the greenkeepers for their heavy equipment.  Peter also mentioned that a second access to green 1 was also currently available, mid green off the car park, with just a single step.  Peter said the Club would look at this second access to see if it could be improved by making it a ramp.  Also he reminded members that there are building regulations to ramps and the old ramp did not comply and the new ramp does.  There were a number of  suggestions from the floor regarding green access including moving the ramps completely to another part of the greens.  Peter stated that these could be considered if the Clubhouse renovations required moving the greenkeepers equipment shed but stressed that member safety was, and always would be, the priority.



CLOSURE 0F MEETING:       There was no further discussion and the Chairman declared the Annual General Meeting closed at 11.40 am.


DATE of NEXT AGM:     It is proposed that the next Annual General Meeting be held on Sunday, 17th September 2017 at 11.00 am.


ADDENDA 1:    Kevin Latham's acceptance address 2016


ADDENDA 2:    AGM Attendance Register


This document adopted as a true and correct record of the Annual General Meeting of St Ives Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd held on 25°’ September 2016








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