Men's Club Attire & Dress Code.

David Hagley, Monday, 30 April 2018


With the introduction of our new uniform the Men's Club Committee has finalised and further clarified the Club's dress code.   The appropriate attire is required to be adhered to at all times by all bowling members.   Their document is reproduced below:





Since the introduction of our recently revised playing strip there appears to be some confusion over the Club’s dress code.  Thus the following is provided for your information to clarify and reinforce requirements.   


  • When representing the Club, the club uniform will be worn. With this in mind please note that the new shirt is the official club shirt.
  • The new club shirt is the only shirt to be worn for all pennant matches or trials, interclub events, tournaments or carnivals where the Selectors select the teams.   
  • The new club shirt must also be worn in all Zone events or NSWBA sanctioned events - which includes all club championship events.   Markers should also wear the official uniform.  
  • To further clarify, the new shirt must be worn for major, minor, handicap and consistency singles, all pairs, triples and fours events, mixed pairs, triples and fours and all tournaments and carnivals held at the club such as the Tapner Carnival.  
  • Please note that all members of a team must wear the same design shirt.    
  • When playing social bowls, including mixed bowls, predominately Bowls NSW approved attire must be worn.   Older style club shirts may be used, white/cream shirts with collars, green/white/cream trousers or shorts, with matching belt and white socks and approved bowling shoes.   However when playing social bowls members are encouraged to wear the club uniform.  Vests, jumpers, pullovers, rain jackets hats and caps are also to be in line with club requirements and/or with the BA approved logo.   


If you have any queries please refer to the President or the Bowls Secretary for clarification.