4s, 6s & 7s all winners in R3 Pennants

David Hagley, Saturday, 12 May 2018


Round 3 in today’s men’s Pennants brought the strange position of the club having all four teams playing away. 

The 4s playing at Forestville had a very close match and ended with a 54-52 win on the main board and a 9-1 win.  

At Lane Cove our 6s performed magnificently in winning all 3 rinks for a whitewash 10 point to nil, 61-42 shot outcome.  

The 7s were playing the strong Lindfield Rollers at Lindfield and won on the main board with an excellent 56-46 shot result.   This was achieved while winning the single rink and thus the win gained them an 8 point to 2 result.   Our 6s now remain on top of the ladder and the only undefeated team in their section.  

Unfortunately the 2s were beaten soundly on all rinks at Belrose.